Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hey! I Know Someone You Should Know!

One of the most valuable things you can do for a networking partner, beyond making a direct referral, is introducing them to someone else you know who could also be a great networking partner.  It’s quick and easy (trust me – I do it for members of The Power Lunch Project all day long!) and can me done via a short email!

Here are a few things to remember:

Don’t Be Random – It’s not really helpful to match two professionals up just because they want to network in general, try to make matches based on industry, hobbies, or even personalities.  If you don’t know the types of professionals your networking partner would like to meet – ASK!

Tell ‘em Why – When making an introduction, tel the parties why you are doing so.  Something like “Hi Mary and Jane!  I wanted to introduce you ladies since you are both in real estate-related fields and might make great networking partners!”

Give Permission – Sometimes people are shy about asking for a networking meeting.  They think it sounds “salesy” or maybe they are afraid of rejection.  Whatever the reason, say in your intro email that you hope that the parties will get together for a face-to-face meeting.  It makes it less awkward for one of them to ask!

Invite Yourself – Think adding yourself into the lunch or coffee meeting with your networking partners would help move the networking process along?  Go ahead and say so!

So get out your Roledex and open your LinkedIn connections and start making a few networking introductions!  In fact, make a few each week!  What’s in it for you?  You’ll get to be known as the “Connector Extraordinaire” and that means you will be the “go to” person, which is a great opportunity to show off your talents and a good way to stay at the top of people’s minds!

Happy Networking!
Sara Rosenberg
The Power Lunch Project

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh No - Do I Have to Network with *Another* Financial Advisor??!!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that complaint at a networking event or in the course of matching up professionals to network over lunch or coffee (ßI got the plug in early!)…well, let’s just say my kids could get some great gifts this year for Chanukah!

The truth is, an established FA (or insurance agent, or anyone else in a related financial field) has a book full of all kinds of professionals and people who entrust their savings to them and will typically seek out advice from them in conjunction with hiring other professionals.  So actually you DO want to network with them, because they know and work with a wide variety people at all different stages of life and career.  So the next time you meet an FA or insurance agent at a networking event – don’t roll your eyes!  Smile, extend a hand, and see what networking opportunities may develop!

But all of this begs the question – if someone is a good networker, does it really matter what their profession is?  To be honest, I don’t think it does, especially if you are walking into a networking situation thinking about making connections, not about making sales.  The mark of a great networker is one who is a great connector and, for me , it’s those connections and potential for building a relationship that is valuable – not the hope that maybe you’ll get a one-time quick sale from the person you’re meeting.

Moral of the story – be open to networking with all sort of professionals – not just those that are an obvious networking partner for you.  Great connectors come in all shape, sizes, career levels and professions – even if they are FAs!

Let me know if you’ve found a great networking partner in a profession that you didn’t expect to find one!

Sara Rosenberg
The Power Lunch Project